FP Offshore Services (NI) can provide for any offshore activity suitable fishing vessels to act as Guard / Survey / Chase Vessels for the purpose of protecting any vulnerable sub-sea installation, exposed cable, or Platform etc. from the dangers arising from fishing activities or other shipping movements.

Our respected skippers will communicate the dangers/hazards to masters/skippers of any vessel operating in the vicinity and provide early and suitable warning to enable such vessels to take ample avoiding action.

Offshore clients should recognise the wider mutual benefits of using fishing vessels as guard boats. FP Offshore Services uses vessels that are known to fish the area of where an offshore project is taking place.

These vessels have the local knowledge and expertise that FP Offshore Services believe is a crucial factor to an effective project. By using fishing vessels to act a Guard vessels it provides another way for fishermen to earn a living and also at the same time easing the pressure on fishermen with ever increasing fishing restrictions.

It also is widely known that in using fishing vessels as guard vessels, it creates a better environment when liaising with other fishermen fishing in the area when they are speaking with one of their fellow fishermen.

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Sparkling Sea

Skipper: Roderick McKee
Call Sign: MKJX5

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Swift Shore

Skipper: Lawrence Warnock
Call Sign: N.831

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